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Matt Dyor

Everyone is an Inventor

I am a life-long inventor and a part-time patent attorney. I believe that people are better when they are inventing: working to create new technology for the benefit of their future customers. I built Dyor.com to provide you with a path to get from where you are to a successfully licensed invention and to let you know how I can help if you get stuck.

I wish you success on your invention journey.

My History with Inventions

When I was in the Army in the 90’s, I took the nozzle off a gas mask and hooked it up to my canteen so that I could drink water hands-free (I think it was for the 12-mile EIB ruck March) . Since then, I have filed about 100 patent applications and have over 90 different issued patents. My co-inventors include Bill Gates, Satya Nadella, and Oliver Graham. Even though I have invested greatly in patents, both as an inventor and as a patent attorney, I have spent the last decade working outside of patent law: ranging from running Microsoft's startup accelerator to building my own startup to inventing and building software for Amazon, Expeditors, and Microsoft, and commercializing my first physical product called Puttmate.

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